This is a joint installation project with SINO Art for the Chi Hong Primary School. Inspired by the school motto ‘dedication to progress’, Lee made crafts of fish swimming together in various ways, alluding them to individuals of different personalities who unite into a force that facilitates progress towards transcendence.

與 SINO Art 攜手為慈航學校創作的合作形式的藝術裝置。Jay以校訓中的「精進」為創作靈感的起源,以小魚群形態寓意由千姿百態獨具性格的個體團結成一股力量,一道推動進步、超越向前。

Title: Transcendence
Medium: Mixed media | Wood, Pebble stone, Mosaic, Seashell fragment, Screw, Glue, Tile Grout
Size: Size variable 

作品媒介:混合媒介|木,大石春,馬賽克, 貝殼碎片, 螺絲, 膠水,填縫劑

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