Participatory Theatre | 參與式劇場

Sitting at No.7, Travessa da Sé in the busy downtown of Macao is a mansion that has a history of more than a century. Who would think that the building, which attracts shoals of visitors every day, once accommodated an important family of the city?  
Tonight, the mansion will be put for sale. Potential buyers will nitpick at its flaws, but their remarks may lead you to discover, one after another, of the blessings and secrets hidden around the building.
The mansion, whose old-time elegance seems retained in a mix of lights, shadows and haze, will take its time to recount its story as a good, warm home.

Property Guide at Lou Kau Mansion is a participatory theatre. An actress plays an estate agent to sell this luxurious house, as she guides the audience around the property in a fantastic atmosphere created by lights, sound and projections, allowing them to rebuild their image of the mansion and subsequently ponder on its unique value and historic significance in Macao.
The show was a commissioned program for the 19th Macao City Fringe Festival.


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