The Aplichau Kaifong Primary School is an advocate of “education with love and care”. Jay Lee experienced the education on her first visit there. The institution not only promotes the love and care philosophy among its teachers and students, but also in its education on environmental protection.
Lee created this installation for the school based on the idea of “coexistence for common good”. It consists of crafts made by students under her guidance in a workshop held by the school (she was impressed by its application of caring philosophy throughout the time). The installation contains symbols of insects, which despite their small body, live in symbiosis that they help maintain the ecological balance of the earth as important members of the nature. The work refers to the students who, even with limited abilities, love and take care of other people and the environment, carrying forward the philosophy upheld by the school.


此裝置以「共存共榮」為創作概念,大自然中昆蟲的身體雖然纖小, 卻能互利共生、成為維持地球生態平衡的重要成員,在這裏用來比喻同學們以自身之力愛護他人及環境、秉承學校愛心教肓的宗旨。

再次感謝SINO Art 的合作邀請。

Title: Transcendence
Medium: Mixed media | Wood, Pebble stone, Mosaic, Screw, Glue, Tile Grout
Size: Size variable 

作品媒介:混合媒介|木,大石春,馬賽克, 貝殼碎片, 螺絲, 膠水,填縫劑

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