The art installation Flourishing Life intends to bring the garden scenery indoors. It features internal decorations in the shapes of the plants waving with their twigs and leaves in the wind, bringing the space to life as if in an invigorating fragrance. The decorations of seedlings, twigs and leaves as well as fruits respectively symbolise people in their childhood, adulthood and old age, who in relying on, staying with and making each other who they are, build a happy garden together as represented in the installation.

茂盛的生命」藝術裝置旨在將戶外花園風光轉化成室內藝術作品,在風中參差搖曳的植物莖葉枝節,為居室平添一股馥鬱的生氣。 植物的幼苗、枝葉和果實象徵著幼童、成人和長者三個不同的人生階段。他們相依相伴,成就彼此,最終一同完整地拼砌出圓滿的快樂花園。

再次感謝SINO Art 的合作邀請。

Title: Flourishing Life
Medium: Mixed media | Wood, Pebble stone, Mosaic, Screw, Glue, Tile Grout
Size: Size variable 

作品媒介:混合媒介|木,大石春,馬賽克, 貝殼碎片, 螺絲, 膠水,填縫劑

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