5 channel video Installation

Sometimes, family photos are good triggers of communication, as they may encourage family members to express their love for each other or use the pictures to explain their special, intimate relationships. Some members naturally show their feelings of missing the others, which they usually keep inside themselves, in the photo taking process. The facial and bodily reactions of the people photographed are responses in communication, while their exaggerated, dramatic facial expressions and body language make them look particularly lovely in their families.

This project involves shooting family photos in open occasions. While evoking the manifestation of family love, confronting the members with their family memories, connections, previous sense of honour and changes in family statuses, the process aroused their emotions and prompted them to re-examine their feelings for one another. The pictures marking the individuals’ shared moments of life with their families are profound in meaning. Let us decipher the signs of the indescribable family love in these family photos!

Press the shutter and it will start flashing. The images are shattered into pieces, and then reassembled into the moments that we want to keep, just like there are ruptures in our families, yet we and the others are all willing to believe that we have perfect families.

Six families were invited to the project. They are Tsui’s, Kong’s, Tang’s, Sham’s, Choi’s and Lee’s




整個專案邀請了6 個家處進行,當中包括:
Moling一家, Max 一家, Ping Ping 一家, Niki  一家,  高佬 一家, 我一家

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