With rapid technological advances, many people of the new generations started using tech products in their childhood. If we do not want our next generations to merely be the consumers, and give them more upward mobility in life, we should develop the creativity and innovativeness in them as children, encouraging them to look at the world from new perspectives and explore different possibilities.

The workshop aroused children’s interest with diverse materials in a bid to develop their creativity and innovativeness. Combining the knowledge of art and science as well as creativity training, the course led participants onto a funny and amazing journey.

Participants mainly worked with mixed-media, creating pieces from daily life objects such as paper, sealants, batteries, clips and magnifiers together with LED lights and copper foil tape to give them a glowing effect that evokes infinite imagination.



學員以Mixed-media(混合媒體)為創作主體,利用生活化的物料,如紙品、膠貼、電池、夾子及放大鏡等,結合LED 燈及銅貼紙,創作有光感的作品,為作品加添無限想像的空間。
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