Site-Specific Immersive Theatre | 環境體驗劇場

Rock as Companion and Ally: The Whispering Tale Beside The Wall
Hundreds of million years ago somewhere in the Northern hemisphere, the earth shook violently.  Ashes and smoke billowed and shot through the sky while lava snaked through the lands. When all is calm, a piece of land hard as granite came into existence. A metropolis is miraculously built upon this steep terrain—Hong Kong. These granites, dotted with black dots, continue to be a symbol of strength and endurance used in roads and buildings all over this city while silently guarding people in their daily lives.
Burrowing through layers of granite, we witness the chronicles of Hong Kong in reverse: from urbanization, development of mining and quarrying industries, to geology and the process of geological studies. Until we have reached the pre-human era, we see a possibility to construct the story of Hong Kong from a geology perspective, a timeline that perhaps has transcended beyond human primacy.

靜倚牆邊 側耳細聽與石為伴的守望故事
億萬年前,北半球某處經歷了一次山崩地裂,飛灰直衝天際,火焰向大地四周蔓延。平復過後,一塊蘊含著堅固岩石的土地應運而生。時至今日,在這險峻的地勢上如神蹟般築成了一座大都會 —— 香港,而土地上那種帶有小黑點「花」紋的花崗岩,仍常見於各區的道路之上、建築之內,默默守護著我們的日常。
Curated and Produced by | 策劃及製作

Director and Playwright | 導演及編劇
Jay Lee Shuk Man

Associate Director and Project Coordination | 副導演及項目統籌
Amy Chan

Research | 資料搜集
Amy Chan
Jay Lee Shuk Man

Concept and Performance Adviser | 創作及表演顧問
Chan Chu Hei

Performer | 演員
Yuen Che Hung
Yau Chung Wai
Lai Chai Ming
Chan Wing Shuen

Multimedia Design | 多媒體設計

Animators | 動畫師
Rocky Fong
Steven Chan
Angela Wong
Carmen Yu

Technical Support for Projection | 投影技術支援
Gary Chan

Scenography and Costume Design | 場景及服裝設計
Bill Cheung

Lighting Design | 燈光設計
Akimoto Chan
Zoey Chan

Sound Design | 聲音設計
Ellison Lau

Production Manager | 製作經理
Eva Chau

Stage Management Team | 舞台管理團隊
Nip Wing Tung
Leung Tat Ming
Lee Hoi Yan
Yu Wing Cheung
Chiu Wai Leung
Yeung Shing Hei

Lighting Assistance | 燈光助理
Lo Cheuk Lam
Fung Wing Lun

Recording Engineering | 錄音師
Ellison Lau
Law Chun Him

Recording Studio | 錄音室
Group Studio

Musician | 樂手
Daniel Leong

Thanks for the Supports of the Audio Equipments from | 音響器材嗚謝
Jacky Luk
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